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Clough Crossings

6892 Clough Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45244
Thanks for great food and the best drinks in town!
Posted 04/28/2016 @ Clough Crossings
Clough Crossing is a unique and excellent place to eat. The food is good and the service is great. The Boom Boom shrimp is a must for everyone.
Posted 04/22/2016 @ Clough Crossings
The walleye special and shrimp tacos were both delicious. We wouldn't change a thing!
Posted 03/26/2016 @ Clough Crossings
Great place to dine any evening of the week.
Posted 03/19/2016 @ Clough Crossings
Incredible prices, wonderful setting, fantastic staff, delightful evening. 65 miles round trip drive is well worth the distance. THANK YOU
Posted 03/08/2016 @ Clough Crossings